Reflection from the Parish Assistant


Changing Seasons


Over the last few weeks I have noticed the great changes in nature all around us.  Many of the flowers have died with others having stopped growing and going into a state of hibernation.  The main thing I have noticed, but that might be because I love this, is the changes in the trees.  Some remain green, some with leaves becoming paler turning to almost a lime green, some with every imaginable shade of brown, while others are turning various shades of red.  Such a wonderful display of colours especially as we often witness all these changes in one view.  As it has become windier over the last few days, there have been more leaves that have fallen from the trees.  As time goes on we know that they will eventually lose all their leaves.  Leaving the trees completely bare until 2019.




We, too, in our personal lives or communally in the church must go through times where we feel things are being ripped from us just as the wind tears the leaves from the trees.  There are times when we have to let things go just as the trees do when there is no wind but the leaves still fall. 




It is very difficult to cope with when things or people are torn from us, often without warning. 




It is hard to let things go even if we know it is the best thing to do.




Whatever happens in our lives be assured that “there is a time for everything and a season for every activity”. (Ecc 3:1)




Remember that God is with us at all times and “his love endures forever”. (Ps 136:26)


Weddings at St Serfs


Weddings at Benarty and Lochgelly St Serfs Church

If you want to have your wedding at either Benarty or Lochgelly St Serfs

please contact our wedding co-ordinator

using the contact form on the home page.

Send your full contact details and the wedding co-ordinator will be in touch to help to plan your special day.

For more information see our special occasions page.


Care Home Services


We hold services in two of the local care homes - come along if you would like to help with the singing. 

Mossview Care Home, Lochgelly. The first Tuesday of the month, except December and January, at 2.30pm.

Benore Nursing Home, Lochore. The first Sunday of the month at 2pm.


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