Lochgelly Band Christmas Concert

This concert is one of the highlights of the St Serfs Calendar. Come and join us for a wonderful evening of music from Lochgelly's best.

Pamela's ponderings

Read the reflections of our Parish Assistant Pamela Scott for Advent.

We are now into the session of Advent, a time of waiting. If you are anything like me then waiting is not something that comes naturally. I am not good at waiting for public transport, well that is unless I am going on holiday. I am not very good at waiting in queues at the shops, at busy times I head straight for the self-service checkout in the supermarkets. But we all have to wait at different times and often it is when we are in a hurry or at difficult times in our lives that we have to wait more. Is God trying to tell us something, I wonder?


During Advent, we wait for Christ. Not just the birth of the baby Jesus, that we celebrate at Christmas, but the return of Christ. The one that will come full of God’s glory and in great power, riding on the clouds of Heaven. We don’t know when this will happen, it may be in our life time or once we are already dead. But we have to make sure we are ready. The best way of making sure we are continually ready is by keeping our spiritual eyes open. By keeping in constant touch with God through prayer. Checking in with him, listening for his guidance and his will in a situation. We need to make space for God so that our faith will be living and active, growing as we grow, and keeping us alert and available, so that whenever Jesus comes again in glory we will be ready to welcome him with joy.







An Evening with East Fife Male Voice Choir

Celebrated 60 years as a Choir

on Saturday 7th October at 7pm in St Serfs Church Lochgelly. The church was packed and the audience were treated to a wonderful concert with a range of musical genres.





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